Ah, yeah, a nice little place for Mexican food.  One that you usually don’t hear trumpeted about on the blogs or in the magazines around town.  Every time I’ve been to Salsa a la Salsa, it’s been good.  Just straightforward good.  Which is great.  One of the great things about the place is the location–a block off the Hyatt Downtown, right next to Market Barbecue (we’ll get to that one in a future post)–which puts in only a handful of blocks away from Masa and Barrio, two heavy hitters for Mexican/Latin food.  You can’t help but stumble across the place, as I did, and not want to go back.  You might try others, but you’ll be back here again, I swear.

I’ve had the carnitas, the carne asada, some enchiladas, tamales,  and chorizo.  The rice is solid.  The beans are solid.

I find myself drawn to places like this, the ones that feel right the first time you walk in.  Not a “hot spot” or a place where one might feel out of sorts.  When you slide into one of their booths, you know you can stick around for a while, watch the world pass by the front windows.  Where are they all going?  Who gives a shit?  I’ve got enchiladas and a bottle of Pacifico.  I’m just fine.